Bartek Sobiecki

3d Artist and Visualizer


I am a qualified artist. I graduated from the Faculty of Interior Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. After graduation, I worked for years as an interior designer and set designer for advertising. I have extensive experience in designing and styling sets for photo shoots and TV commercials.
Since 2018 I have transferred all this experience of space design, light placement and styling to the 3d world by making 3d visualisations. I have been trusted by many serious clients ordering visualisations of interiors and products mainly from the interior design industry from me. More than 500 of my visualisations have been published so far on the internet or in print.
I can work accurately and according to the client’s brief. I am communicative and know what it means to work to a deadline. I have a keen sense of light, space and colour. I can move freely in any interior style.
I enjoy this work
I invite you to cooperate with me